Natural Beauty Face

We are more than an Ethical Marketplace, we are a social selling platform. We will share with you all we know about healthy / ethical lifestyles and offer you all the accessories you could need to reach it!

Attitude Organic Observation

Understanding what an healthy lifestyle and a sustainable behavior are can be confusing and you may encounter fake knowledge during this process. Besides, all the tips and advise you could find will not match your lifestyle and your personality.

Attitude Organic Vision

We want to educate people about ethical / healthy lifestyles and give them all they need to achive their new goals!

Our point of view is that if everyone starts doing a tiny daily gesture to make this world better, it will be. Same thing goes for your health! You do not not necessarily need a radical change now. It is ok to take your time and improve gradually your daily routine to reach your goals! Take your time, learn step by step and we will succeed.

Attitude Organic Mission

Attitude Organic wants to help you to achieve your ethical, sustainable and health targets at your own pace. Slowly with respect and kindness! You will find all you need on that social selling platforms to make it!

The blog gives you amzing ressources, tips and knowledge about all the questions you could ask yourself.

The ethical marketplace provides you will all the accessories you will need to attain your new objectives. Is it natural skincare? Is it Vegan fashion? Read, learn and browse our site to find out! 

Our aim is to help you to adopt a more sustainable Attitude and lifestyle in the easiest possible way.

Attitude Organic Values

Kindness: if you are vegan, transitioning to veganism or a zero-waste lifestyle or Simply want to stop using plastic, we all have the same goal: making our world a better place. Attitude Organic will also treat you and others with kidness and respect. No judgement and no extreme critical ideas!

Respect: it seems obvious and goes hand in hand with Kindness.

Honesty: to respect the mission of our business, we have to be 100% transparent with you as a reader and/or as a customer! We will Always tell the Truth and no push sales or content to make money if we do not firmly believe it will help you reaching your health / ethical / sustainable goals.

Transparency: isn’t it just the natural result of those 3 other values? I do think so!

A word from Marine, the founder

When I moved to Asia, I faced difficulties to find my usual natural beauty products. I realised that finding natural, bio, organic and ethical products is actually not an easy task when you live in some places.

This is what gave me the idea to start Attitude Organic. At the beginning, I wanted it to be a simple Ethical Marketplace that will sell natural beauty products and sustainable fashion items affordable and accessible everywhere you live or feel like discovering.

However, after a while I felt like it was not enough, not authentic, not helpful. It had to be coupled with a kinder aspect, it had to be more than a business. I work really hard to make Attitude Organic a Community, a place where you find support, directions, knowledge. A website that help you to make a better self and a better world. And of course purchase what you need to succeed!

So if at any point, you have a question, need advise or a product that it not stocked, feel free to contact us. We’ll sort it out for you!

Let’s be trendy & sustainable together