About Attitude Organic

A sustainable & holistic community lead by an Eco Mama.

We believe that if we start acting together right now, one step at the time, we can build a better future.

Our community helps women who would like to be more sustainable go from guilt and overwhelm to an easy and healthy eco lifetsyle they are proud of.

We share with you all we know about healthy / ethical lifestyles on the blog and offer you all the tools you could use to reach your new ethical and sustainable goals!

Our values

Whatever we do, we want to make it good for the others and for the planet. Thus, we have a list of four main values that guides us in our personal and business decisions.

Our values

Kindness: if you are vegan, transitioning to veganism, a zero-waste boss or simply want to stop using plastic, we all have the same goal: making our world a better place. Attitude Organic will also treat you and others with kindness and respect. No judgement and no extreme critical ideas!

Respect: it seems obvious and goes hand in hand with Kindness.

Honesty: to respect the mission of our business, we have to be 100% transparent with you as a reader and/or as a customer! We will always tell the Truth and no push sales or content to make money if we do not firmly believe it will help you reaching your health / ethical / sustainable goals.

Transparency: isn’t it just the natural result of those 3 other values? We do think so !