Best Trendy Sustainable Fashion Brands

Who said that because you worry about your environment you cannot be fashionable? Those terrible looks of hippy activists are just a cliché, you can now wear trendy cloth and even haute couture without guilt. Discover the trendiest sustainable fashion brands, read below!

Sustainable clothing

You can find below our favorite sustainble fashion brands. They are ethical fashion labels and/or eco fashion oriented.

Sustainable shoes

Sustainable fashion is not only about ethical clothing brands. You should also make sure that you opt for sustainable shoes. You can also fild in the list below vegan shoe brands if it is what you are after.

  • Eco Shoes


  • Vegan Shoes


  • Ethical Fashion Shoes


Sustainable fashion for your underwear

If you want a full sustainable fashion outfit, you would rather not forget the underwear. Below a list of ethical underwear, comfortable or sexy, it is your choice!

  • Organic cotton underwear

    Organic Basics

  • Eco Fashion Underwear


  • Ethical Underwear


Sustainable activewear

Why not going for sustainable fashion brands even when you go to yoga of for a run? Read below to discover sustainable activewear.

  • Non toxic


Sustainable Fashion Bags

Go for sustainable fashion and choose your accessories wisely. You can find below sustainable fashion bags, vegan handbags brands and vegan purses.

  • Vegan Bags

    Matt & Nat

  • Eco-friendly Bags

    Matt & Nat

Sustainable eyewear

Eco fashion is in the details. Go for sustainable eyewear now!

Sustainable jewelry

Mining for one gold ring creates 20 tones of mine waste. Ladies, it is time to opt for sustainable jewelry. Handmade earings and handmade bracelets are a woman best friends.

  • Recycled jewelry

    Killer Collection

  • Sustainable materials

Sustainable fashion to sleep

Sustainable fashion is a must even when you sleep. Whqt is best than a super soft PJ in organic coton, right?

Luxury sustainable fashion

If you have luxury tastes (bessed is your wallet lucky lady), the sustainable fashion brands are the best for you.

  • Eco Fashion

    Stella McCartney

  • Organic Cotton

    Stella McCartney

There you go! Keep visiting this page regularly as we will update it each time we find sustainable fashion brands that deserve your attention.