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Attitude Organic started that Ethical & Eco Blog in 2017 to serve you in the best way possible. We aim to be your top resource for all your sustainable and ethical quests. It is very important for us to help you define your goals and to support your through your educational journey. We are here at every single step of your lifestyle transition, from your discovery of such topics to your first achievement. Our sustainability blog aims to define your milestones and have fun all the way!

Sustainable Living Blog

An Eco Blog that helps you understand sustainability

It is very trendy lately, but it might sound a bit barbarian. We never know what falls under sustainable. Indeed, we often notice that people are confused about it, that we call anything sustainable even when it is not and that it leads to potential greenwashing.

Therefore, we made it our mission to make sustainability easier to understand so we share with you some knowledge, definition and tips. We build awareness around it because you, as a consumer, have the power to take actions to make the world a better place. Besides, it does not have to be difficult, it can be fun, and it is surely efficient!

This Eco-friendly living blog details your possibilities

You probably did not land here randomly. Either you research for a topic that triggered our sustainable lifestyle blog or you were following us on social media. It probably means that something or someone already raised your interest in eco-friendly and/or ethical subjects. We made it our job to give you a full picture about your possibilities to improve your behaviour. We prove you thanks to that eco blog that you can choose from being vegan to go zero waste and that it is perfectly fine! You have many options so choose one, read around that particular topic and you will make a difference. All efforts matter!

This Eco Blog helps you decide where you want to go

As we just mentioned, you might want to be vegan to save the planet, the people and the animal. But you might want to go for another option that suits your current lifestyle and wishes better. We 100% get that and there is no way better than the other: forward is forward! At Attitude Organic, we aim to help you all as much as we can so we cover all those topics without any judgement! We suggest that you browse the blog and that you make a decision based on your fresh new knowledge and a full awareness of your current situation and desires. Oh look, you just defined your new sustainable goal!

Starting your sustainable journey? We got your back!

So, you are aware of sustainability issues and their impacts, you just defined your goals according to that knowledge and your lifestyle and we are still here. Defining yourself as an eco-person, a vegan or a zero waste supporter is only the beginning of the journey. Now you need to push a little bit (one step at the time of course) and make that dream your reality! Keep questioning your actions, remain eager to learn and keep educating yourself. All aspects of your new lifestyle can be considered and that is why the blog produces so much content. We want to answer all your questions in one place so keep browsing and do not hesitate to use the search bar. If you can’t find what you look for, reach out! We love getting in touch with you.

What topics does the Eco Blog covers?

As we explained, we want you to find all your answers here whatever your direction is in terms of sustainability! Therefore, we cover as many topics as we can.

We are an all Natural Beauty Blog

We want you to know that going for natural and organic beauty is definitely a sustainable option. It is safer for you and the planet, so we keep producing content about it.

A Simple Vegan Blog

Our founder is vegan so what you can find on the blog is too. Veganism is an Ethical and Eco-friendly move that you can make. It is, indeed a key element towards sustainability and a direction you might consider. For that reason, we blog a lot about veganism and we hope you will find all you need here to succeed in your potential transition.

 A Detailed Sustainable Fashion Blog

If you are passionate about fashion, you might be aware that the fashion industry can be cruel and polluting. So, switching to sustainable fashion can be fun, easy and affordable. If you consider it as your way to go sustainable, great job! We keep writing here about eco-friendly and ethical style as often as possible.

A sustainable Lifestyle Blog

We also have a full category dedicated to lifestyle. We will teach you here all the little changes you can make in general to transition to any sustainable lifestyle.The blog covers from zero waste to eco travels.

The key element: a healthy lifestyle

Yes, we firmly believe that no behaviour can be sustainable if you do not take care of yourself in the first place. That might sound selfish, but it is reality. In order to take care of our beautiful mother earth and ensure that the future generations have a decent place to live in, we first need to be happy and healthy. Therefore you will find on the blog many articles about yoga, meditation and health.