Ethical Fashion Shop

If you end up on that part of Attitude Organic Shop, the chances are that you read a lot about the impact of fast fashion and that you look for better alternatives. Whatever your shopping priority is: vegan fashion, eco-friendly materials, made to last designs (read more here) you will find all you dreamt for here!

Conscious Organic Cotton Sweatshirt white


Those organic cotton tops are ideal for any yoga and gym sessions. Marine (our founder) wears one of them on regular basis and she loves it! Browse now!

Attitude Organic Aria Ethical Dress


Discover our favourite range of dress. In organic cotton, they are soft and eco-friendly. Ethically made, you will be trendy with no guilt. See now!

Black Sporty Brief in Organic Cotton Nukleus


If one piece of your ethical closet has to respect your intimacy while protecting your health, it is THE one. Have a look at our range of organic cotton underwear. They are comfier and safer than their traditional counterparts! Shop now!