Spotlight on the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin had obviously happened in Berlin and was a precious Ethical and sustainable fashion event. Indeed, it was a great highlight to encourage people to support the fashion revolution. Keep reading to discover what is was and which brands attended the event! A big thank you to NEONYT for organising it 😉

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

Held from 3rd July to 5th of July 2018

Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin

The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin takes place every year in July and promotes the importance of sustainability in fashion. They attain this objective through lectures, seminars exhibitions and catwalks.

The eco brands they invite to showcase must fill at least 70% of the criteria for sustainability. They also need to support ecological, environmental or social issues.

This year, the event was in Kraftwerk and combined two sustainable fashion fairs: the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and a Greenshowroom, under Neonyt. Focused on sustainable casual wear and street wear, it provided a global opportunity for the future of fashion. Indeed, we are at the age of sustainable growth and it’s in our hands to decide how we can use it to its maximum potential.

The catwalk presented us its contemporary vision of the future and its inspiration for the current and future generations. The two trade fairs showcased the largest platform of Europe’s eco fashion.

Besides, the conference pair FashionSustain and #Fashiontech were used to promote the show with Mezze Frankfurt. They aimed to interlink sustainability with technology and innovation.

As commented Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of the Textiles and Textiles Technologies for Messe Frankfurt:

“We’re also bringing together trade fairs, fashion shows and conferences at the Kraftwerk as well as the themes of fashion, sustainability, and high-tech in an innovative way”

Who was presented at the show?

The Berlin Ethical Fashion Show presented 170 sustainable fashion and accessories brands for the 2018/19 autumn/winter collection. Below are our favourite brands which attended the event!


Vaude presented its new Green Shape Core Collection. That label produces garments using biodegradable materials, such as castor oil and cows milk. if you want more details, click here.

Knowledge lounge

Knowledge lounge are innovative leaders and certified as Fair trade Deutschland. Read more!


Finally, PETA helds conferences providing info and answering questions with sustainability in fashion.

The following brands were also present!

  • Jan ‘n June
  • Les Racines du Ciel and Ackermann Taschenmanufaktur
  • Graciela Huam
  • Kromagnon, Nadja
  • Re:Code
  • Stinne Gorell.

Besides, on the ground floor of Kraftwerk Berlin, the show included 130 exhibitors, including:

  • Bleed, Dedicated
  • Frieda Sand
  • Good Society
  • Hempage
  • Langer Chen
  • Skunkfunk, labels such as Jeckybeng, Kuyichi, Me and May and Sitka Semsch

Stella McCartney show us the way. She is indeed hugely concerned about the environment. She hopes to further implement sustainable fashion so let’s follow her path!

More info

To find out more about the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, click here . If you want to follow up about the next upcoming Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, follow their Facebook page. 

So, we hope this article made you crave to attend next year event because we are definitely planning to go!