Ethical fashion shows and where to see them

What about a fashion show with sustainable and slow fashion to support our revolution? Dreamy, isn’t it? Well it is happening lovelies! Check out our article to find a list of the past and coming Ethical Fashion Shows!

What are Ethical Fashion Shows?

With sustainability being a high priority on the global agenda we need ethical fashion methods. Indeed, fashion is such a large market and a polluting industry that it should be an environment priority.

That said, Ethical fashion Shows are keys to make slow fashion popular. So what are those shows exactly? An ethical fashion show (also called sustainable/eco fashion show) is a growing trend. They aim to create garments that minimise environmental damage, human impact and enhance positive corporate responsibility.

This is so important in today’s culture because fast fashion plays as an opposing trend and contributes to excessive waste. You wrote an article to explain What are the effects of fast fashion? We recommend you to have a look if you want an update on the environment impact of your closet.

Thus, Ethical Fashion Shows can be used to encourage and raise awareness about the benefits of this alternative to mass consumption. They provide an excellent way for clients (including you!) to witness how you can help. Modern brands are joining this movement to support sustainability. For example Stella McCartney is a famous ambassador. Have a look at “Thought” an ethical brand which you can add to your wardrobe as it is more affordable.

Feel free to explore our website to read more about the ecofashion brands. If you find them too expensive, we also got your back. Find out a few cheap ways to keep your wardrobe sustainable

Worldwide Ethical Fashion Shows to check out!

Eco-fashion shows are an excellent way to bring together designers, buyers and ethical/“green” leaders. Indeed, they all care for the “sustainable consumer” and make our world greener. The Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin is an amazing platform for learning about sustainable brands and to share ideas with others alike. Besides, there are other past international eco-fashion shows worth checking out so go through the below list ASAP!

  • Brighton Fashion Week

When? The date vary so we advise you to triple check their website for exact dates.

Where? Pretty obviously in Brighton. 

  • Eco-fashion week

When? November 1st-4th

Where? This eco-fashion week will take place in Seattle, U.S.A .If you are interested in a trip to America, it could be a good timing 😉

  • ModeFabriek

When? 20-21 January 2019

Where? The ModeFabriek shows is hosted in Amsterdam. We love that city because it is so rich in green initiatives. 

When? 15-16 May 2019

Where? Copenhagen. Denmark is also one a country we dream to visit as we notice numerous sustainable projects there!

Past Ethical Fashion Shows

We are sorry for the late notice but we advise to follow those event to not miss the next one.

When? September 7th 2018

Where? San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, USA

  • Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

When? The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week took place from 05/10/2018 to 14/10/2018. 

Where? Many cities, Netherlands. This one sounds appealing because it is not in one place. It looks like a national festival and you have the cchoice between a few places. How convenient?

More info: 

  • Helsinki Fashion Week

When? 20 July 2018

Where? Helsinki, Finland. As you probably realised, the northern countries are really ahead in terms of sustainable fashion! One more Ethical Fashion Show at the Helsinki Fashion Week!

  • Ethical fashion Show BerlinWe wrote a full review of the event and we invite you to read it. You will discover how cool it was 😉

Hopefully many more to come in the near future…