Essential oils guide and their benefits

Whatever your issue is, there is the essential oil of the situation. They are so numerous and powerful that they will help you to fight from migraines to skin break outs. Read below the full essential oils guide to find the one you need.


Essential oils for your skin:

You should add those oils to your natural beauty routine. They can fix any skin problem and you will find the ones that fit any skin type or condition in the list below.

  • Purify your skin

    The antibacterial lemon essential oil purify your skin
    Tea tree oil is great to treat locally your acne spots. It also helps to unclogged your pores and eliminate your blackheads when you add a few drops to your face wash.


  • Sunburn

    Lavender is excellent to sooth your sunburns after long hours tanning. Add a few drops to some aloe vera gel.

  • Mycosis

    The antibacterial virtues of tea tree oil can treat mycosis (vaginal mycosis for example). However, be cautious about the way to use it, as it can be very strong.

  • Dry skin and eczema

    Roman chamomile is a very good treatment to prevent eczema. Add a few drops to moisturizer daily.

  • Avoid mosquito bites

    Eucalyptus with a hint of lemon is a good natural mosquito repellent.

    Lavender essential oil is a strong analgesic,it reduces the itching, while the antibacterial property helps the bite to heal without scarring.

    The geranium oil is also inflammatory and limit the swelling of your spots. It also improves the healing process while avoiding scars.

Essential oils for your mouth hygiene:

You can use those natural oils for a beautiful and bright smile!

  • Whiten your teeth

    Lemon oil can whiten your teeth.

Oils for a fit body:

You would not expect those natural remedies to help you to reach your beach body goal, but they do. Read below to discover how!

  • Fight cellulite

    Lemon can be used to fight obesity and cellulite.

Essential oils for your health:

From up lifting your mood to improving your digestion, essential oils are indeniably powerful. Choose the one you need today!

  • Fight migraines

    Lavender relieves headaches

    Eucalyptus is also a good option to fight migraines and to help you when you got a fever.

  • Fight stress and insomnia

    Lavender, with its calmative property, fights stress and insomnia.

    Roman chamomile can also do the job if you prefer the smell.

  • Boost your immune system

    The lemon oil will boost your energy thanks to its antiviral properties.its antiviral properties.

  • Fight colds

    Eucalyptus is a great essential oil to fight the winter colds and respiratory issues.

Essential oils for your hair:

Your hair need extra help to shine? No worries, essential oils will sort you out.

  • Hair growth

    Lavender stimulates the hair growth, so add a few drops to your shampoo to have beautiful long hair.