My Ethical Backpack

Hello ladies! Today I am talking about Eco travel and Ethical Backpack. I am indeed backpacking the world, starting with South America from where I will go with the flow.
As you know, Attitude Organic is all about sustainability so of course, one of my main concerns while packing was to be as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. In this article I will prove that we can “ECO-PACK”. Keep reading to discover what products I purchased (or not) and why.

Clothing For An Ethical Backpack

If you plan on traveling up to 6 monts in a 14kg ethical backpack, there is not much space for a full wardrobe. As a result, I opted for a capsule closet. I mean, isn’it already one of the most sustainable fashion option?

Also, I did not buy extra pieces so I reuse what I had. Here again, I do not waste, I make it last and I definitely don’t go for fast fashion.
Ok, to be 100% honest, I had to buy ONE item: a small purse to carry my money, pasport and phone chargor around. In order to respect my ethical mantra, I headed to a second hand shop to buy it. Guess what? I found exactly what I was looking for: a small cross body bag for only 12 euro! In leather (please note that as a transitioning vegan, I will never buy brand new leather again), made in Spain.

My Portable Eco Closet

Below is what I decided to pack and what seemed necessary for my trip.

  • 4 dresses (1 tailor made in Vietnam, 1 bought from a small boutique in Bali, 1 from Kowtow, which is an ethical brand and 1 from a fast fashion brand that does not worth mentioning. However, I bought it almost 3 years ago, before started Learning about ethical fashion and at least I made it last.
  • 4 short sleeves tops + 3 long sleeves shirts (Fast fashion bought 3 years ago)
  • 2 kimonos (1 tailor made in Vietnam, 1 bought from an ethical brand called ASOS made in Kenya)
  • 1 jumpsuit tailor made in Vietnam
  • 4 swimsuits because I am super excited about going to the beach!
  • 2 leggins. I am waiting for them to die before I purchase new ethical ones. One of them was my mum’s bought 25 years ago. That is high quality and long lasting, isnt’it?
  • Underwear (6 panties, 3 bras, 3 high socks, 3 low socks) not ethical yet but I will make sure the next ones I are. I am keeping an eye on Organic Basics which is an awsome brand that I can’t wait to try.
  • Shoes

Organic, Zerowaste & Vegan Skincare For An Eco Friendly Backpack

Eco Friendly Backpack

My passion for natural and ethical products started with Skincare 7 years ago so nothing surprising that most of my cosmetics are natural, organic, bio, vegan…
The real “innovation” in my beauty routine that is related to my trip is that I opted for solid products as much as I could. Indeed, not only I try to go zero waste but there is also no doubt that this format is ideal for backpacker. They are smaller, they last longer and there is no chance that they leak in your bag. What could be better than this? You save money (while travelling you are obviously on budget) and you carry less.

My Travel Beauty Products

Ethical Backpacks
  • 1 solid shampoo from Lamazuna. You can refer to my previous post to discover more about the brand and why I love it so much. This time, I wanted to try the dry hair shampoo bar.
  • 1 solid moisturizer because I 100% adopted it when I first bought it.
  • 1 solid tooth paste. I have not tried it yet but I trust it will be as good as the rest of the range.
  • 1 soap. I prefer using them as they are softer to my skin and last much longer.
  • A pack of 5 reusable cotton pads. I wanted to buy them ages ago to avoid waste. I stopped using traditional ones to stop wasting but never had time to actually buy reusable alternatives so that trip was the perfect occasion. Indeed, I would have had no spare space in my bag to cary them around and I assume it woud be an absolute necessity to have some during a trip.
  • 2 sunscreens
  • 2 mosquito repellent. A natural one bought in a small boutique in Bali. And another one from Claire’s which I sell on our Ethical Marketplace.

Other Eco Friendly Backpack Alternative

As I will travel on my own for a little while, I will surely take some time to read. In order to not have to carry pages and pages of litterature, I decided to get a tablet. It is ideal for an ethical backpack because not only it allows me to dowload ebooks which is convenient and eco friendly but it also gives me the chance to produce more content for you without bringing an extra laptop!

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    I hope that article will help if you need to prepare your ethical backpack like me. By the way, any backpackers out here? Comment with your next destination and maybe we could meet up on the road XX

    Written by Marine Leclerc, founder of Attitude Organic