Natural, Organic & Vegan Face Wash

At Attitude Organic, we want to offer you the best range of Natural Face Cleansers and Organic and vegan Face Wash likewise. We make it our priority to provide you with safe products for your health and the environment. Let’s focus on the reasons why you should always use Organic Face Wash and other natural and cruelty-free alternatives.

A Natural Face Cleanser Is Safe

Daily, you apply up to 500 chemicals on your skin and that is a huge danger. Indeed, your Skin is the bigest organ of your body and it can absorb up to 60% of the products you get in contact with. That includes toxic products so when you wash your skin with a non natural face cleanser, you apply a dose of harmful artificial ingredients.

These molecules are an excessive workload for your body.  It then tries its best to detox. Did you know that your body sometimes stock chemicals for months because it is hard to eliminate them?
At Attitude Organic, we make sure that the organic face wash we sell are safe to use and natural. Some are even certified organic. We also guarantee that all our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Organic Face Wash are better for the planet

Non organic Face Wash are dangerous for your health but is also put the safety of mother earth at risk. The chemicals that you use during your skincare routine reach soils and impact aquatic life.
The explanation is very logical and natural: your traditional beauty products contain chemical components that do not break down. Therefore, they accumulate in our ecosystems. When you wash your face with a product that is not natural and organic, its components go down your sink. They finally reach lakes, rivers and oceans, destroying wildlife, flora and fauna.
It even goes beyond ocean and water supplies’ pollution. Indeed, the water of all rivers and seas evaporates and the clouds stock it. The chemicals finally go back to the soil when it rains. This is how you find them in crops and inside your home. Do you see the point of choosing natural face cleaners and organic face wash now?

Organic Brands and their packaging

Organic and natural labels also tend to be eco-friendlier with their packaging. The cosmetic industry produces 120 billion units of packaging per year and most of it is not recycled. So, if you buy natural and organic facewashes, you protect the environment.

Vegan Face wash to protect the animals

By definition, vegan skincare contains no animal products at all. It means that you will find no ingredients derived from animal origin in the composition. It is our top priority to provide you with a high-quality vegan face wash because we believe that we all should protect the voiceless. The figures about animals’ mistreatment are horrific. For example, 3 million sharks are caught to provide squalene for the cosmetics industry per year. Did you know we make this ingredient from sharks?

Other components such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Panthenol and Keratin also come from our little friends. Unfortunately those few are only the most common, but the list is huge! Please take a look at PETA’s list to realise how terrible the situation. So how do you feel about purchasing vegan face wash?

What else do we do?

We also provide natural face oils and organic moisturizers to complete your safe and eco-friendly beauty routine. If you are a vegan, you will also love our vegan bags selection!

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