Natural & Organic Face Products

Why should you choose organic face products or all natural face care?

According to a study driven by the deodorant brand Bionsen: The average British woman “hosts” 515 chemicals on her body every day

A moisturiser sometimes contains up to 30 chemicals and a perfume up to 400 chemicals. The worst about it is that most of us are not aware of those stats. We do not realise how harmful it is for us and the environment.

For example, some research found that the lead in your lipstick is Dangerous. It causes learning, language and behavioural problems, fertility issues, hormonal changes, menstrual irregularities and puberty delays.
Besides, your face scrubs, for instance, can destroy the marine life. Indeed, the “Researchers at Plymouth University found that each time we use our facewash, 94,500 “microbeads” can be released into the oceans.”

This why Attitude Organic offers you a range of natural and organic face products! We know it is sometimes difficult to understand the difference between all the terms associated with skincare. Thus, we created a guide here for you to understand a bit better. Here is quick summary!

What are natural face products?

Natural Face Products are supposed to be made with natural ingredients. It can be true. For instance, if you use jojoba oil and that the oil is 100% pure, it is obviously natural and you can trust the product.

However, as the term is not regulated, some big brands label their products natural if they add only one natural ingredient. Even if it is a tiny percentage among nasty chemicals.
So, we advise that you read about the ingredients that you should avoid why you go shopping for your natural face products. You may find our guide here.

But do not worry, as usual we got your back and we found some safe brands to use during your daily skincare routine. Enjoy our range of moisturizer, face wash, face oils and so much more.

What are organic face products?

Organic face products are strictly regulated, and their ingredients are organically farmed without pesticides nor petroleum fertilizer. The appellation also guarantees that there is no GMO in that product.

To be organic, your face products must contain at least 95% of organic ingredients. We love relying on that certification for those guarantees. But we recommend that you still read the label because it is possible to find unsafe ingredients in the other 5%. From our experience, brands sometimes use perfume in organic skincare while it is safer to avoid it.

Besides, some small brands make all natural face care but cannot afford to “pay” for the certification. We suggest that you leave them a chance. Again, take a few minutes to scan the label. Our BAO range uses organic certified ingredients but is not certified yet.

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