Natural Face Oils

It might seem scary to put natural face oils on your face because you could think it causes breakouts. However, you will surprise to learn that it does not!  People used oils for centuries as a skincare agent and it is coming back lately as dermatologists encourage using them. Here is why should start using them now!

Natural Face Oils to fight skin ageing

They can be a very good option to reduce wrinkles because they are full of antioxidants. Some products such as primrose oil or argan oil are perfect for dry or sun damaged skins.

If your skin tends to be greasy and that you are afraid to add extra oil on top, make sure you go for grape seed oil. It is anti-ageing while being non greasy.

Natural oils are perfect for dry skin

If your skin is dry, feels rough or if you get rosy cheeks, oils are the way to go. They are much more moisturising that classic lotions and creams. Coconut oil and almond oils are queen for this type of skin.

They protect your skin

Oils penetrate deep into your skin and trap the water and the moisture there. They also help in keeping toxins out. It sounds like the perfect combination, doesn’t it? Some natural face oils even strengthen your natural skin barrier!

If you live in a big city, oils are your best ally because they will protect the biggest organ of your body against pollution. As a reminder, pollution is ageing and a big cause of wrinkles apparition.

They make a top makeup primer

Mandarin and pumpkin seed oils for example are easily and quickly absorbed by your skin. They also give a plumping effect and prepare your skin for a perfect makeup.

Oils shrink your enlarged pores.

Oils such as jojoba, macadamia and camellia pull fats out of your pores. Thus, they are less noticeable, and your face looks fresher.

They fight rashes

Argan and yangu oil are ideal to ease irritated skin. If you wish to reduce redness, you may also use geranium oil.

Use natural face oils to treat your spots!

We already mention in our essential oils guide and in a few blog posts that tea tree oil is a miracle to treat breakouts. Just apply it locally once or twice a day until your spot disappears.

Jojoba oil is also amazing to treat acne because it reduces your oil production.

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