Vegan & Eco Friendly Bag & Purses

What do we call eco friendly bags?

We call eco friendly bags, bags that do not cause any harm to the environment during their manufacturing. The bag manufacturing process is often polluting because of its fabric production, whether it is in leather or made in vegan leather. According to PETA, producing leather requires massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, such as mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and finishes. Thus, there is no doubt that leather is not eco-friendly and that you should avoid it.

We could hope that vegan leather is more respectful of the environment but it is unfortunately not the case. Indeed, as explained in our article about faux leather,  most alternatives to leather are polluting too. Their main ingredients are plastic and some other chemicals, like PVC and petroleum based fabrics that are all but sustainable.

However, some brands are conscious of that difficulty and come up with innovative solutions. Among those brands, you can find wills vegan bags, our absolute favourite, now available on our ethical marketplace. They use vegan leather created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe. Those vegan bags online are made with plants, making them sustainable. As an ultimate guarantee, all vegan leathers and suedes used by Will are Ecolabel certified.

A trendy selection of vegan bags online!

This collection of vegan bags online is the most complete you could potentially find. Not only they are ethically made, eco-friendly and made to last, but they are also gorgeous. We particularly love the efforts the creative team puts in the design because whatever your taste are, you will find the bag that suits you. Choose between ethical backpacks, vegan backpacks, vegan handbags or even tote bags. Our selection is ideal to accessories your ethical dress and vegan shoes.

Get your matching vegan purse or wallet!

If you got yourself some trendy and eco friendly bags, you surely do not want to ruin all your efforts by taking an old, overused wallet from your new baby. So it is high time to purchase a matching vegan purse! You will be perfectly on point while on line with your sustainable values and your personal ethos. Get your vegan wallet today!


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