Ethical & Handmade Dresses

At Attitude Organic, we are very proud to offer you Ethical & Handmade Dresses. We are also very glad that it gives us the opportunity to support the artisans who make these high-quality products in innovative and creative ways. When you wear one of those gorgeous pieces, you show off an object that took time and effort to make. It makes your dress unique because it comes with a real ethical story. A real person made your new baby working in a safe environment with its talent. We also guarantee that our Ethical Dresses are cruelty-free because brands did not hurt any animal to produce them.

What are handmade Dresses?

Real People worked hard on our Handmade. No machine produced them massively.

There is a person and a story behind the item you buy. You should feel good knowing you bought something that an individual, created instead of a big corporation. It makes your shopping experience more personal. 

Other advantages of buying vegan handmade Dresses

They are high quality

If you buy our Ethical Dresses, you can be sure that a person put time and care into its making. If you look at your new fashion accessory closely, you will be able to tell that the artisan paid a lot of attention to details. There is no doubt that he or she used its passion and know-how to produce a splendid piece of work while being fairly treated.

You get unique Ethical Dresses

The Dresses that we selected for you and the we labelled as handmade are produced individually. So, each product is completely unique. Because they are not machine-made, it is impossible for any two products to be the same. We love that feeling of wearing something unique, only made for you! Don’t you?

They are made with ethics

Not only are they high-quality, but handmade dresses are also good for society. Buying hand-crafted products means supporting local artisans, which results in supporting the community and the arts.

When you purchase our dresses, you preserve a local artisans and their jobs, so they can keep creating beautiful one-of-a-kind products. This also keeping creating new jobs.

Get An Eco-friendly Dress

Handmade products are also good for the environment. It takes less energy to create something by hand, than by using a mass production assembly line full of machines. If something is handmade, it usually means that it is also local. This cuts any carbon emissions that come with shipping something from overseas. 

If you liked our Eco-friendly Dresses range but that it is not exactly what you were looking for, please refer to the rest of our Ethical Shopping website. We also selected eco-friendly bags and fair trade shoes for you!


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