Vegan Belts

We love to nail our ethical and sustainable outfits with vegan belts. Style is in the details and you probably know it. What is easier than adding a belt to your outfit to bring an elegant touch? Make sure your dress or trousers fit perfectly and highlight your beautiful shapes.

Why should you go for vegan belts? 

We count numerous reasons to wear a belt: comfort, fit, style, glam and so much more. At Attitude Organic, we believe there are as many reasons to go for vegan belts! Maybe you do not really realise it or maybe you just do not think about it when shopping, but leather is dead animal skin.

Indeed, “Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry—all in the name of fashion.” according to the PETA. In the USA, 4 million animals are killed for fur.

If you do wish to be cruelty free and aim to be animal friendly, a simple start would be to switch to vegan leather. Nowadays, there are many leather alternatives; all better then the others. This is why you should choose your ethical leather belt wisely.


Choose your Ethical Leather Belt wisely

There are two main factors to look at while selecting your new fashion piece. On the one hand, the ethical aspect: is your belt ethically made? Is it fair trade? Who made it? Is that person fairly paid?

On the other hand, the sustainability criteria should not be underlooked. Is your ethical leather belt eco-friendly? Is it upcycled? Is it recyclable? Did its production cause damage to the environment?

The brands of the vegan belts that we sell on our ethical marketplace all try to do their best to be sustainable and ethical. Will’s Vegan Shoes, for instance, is an award winning PETA Approved company. Thus they do not cause any type of animal pain.

They also take part to the ethical clothing movement so all the pieces are ethically made by protected workers. Indeed, those people are fairly paid and work decent hours in safe environments.

Also, they produce vegan belts and eco friendly shoes. They use Ecolabel certified vegan leathers and suedes made in Italy and Spain that meet Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations.

Finally, they produce belts that are made to last and would not end up in the landfills after a month.


Complete your look with vegan shoes

We have come to the conclusion that your belt must be ethical ethical and sustainable. Likewise it is important to select your belt wisely. Indeed, you need to take a close look to the shoes you decide to purchase.

In order to attain your cruelty-free and eco-friendly purpose, ask yourself: “are those shoes vegan while eco-friendly?”

You may find in our shoes shopping section a broad range of trendy items that allow you to answer yes to those latest questions. Here is the link to the selection and we wish you an happy shopping!


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