Vegan & Ethical Shoes

We selected our Ethical shoes to fit our taste and ethos. We made sure that you will make no compromise between your style and your values.

What are ethical shoes?

Just like any other fashion pieces, shoes must fill some criteria to be “ethical”. Indeed, ethos cover different aspects and we can approach them from different angles. Those perspectives are all legit for someone.

First ethical shoes refer to footwear that is eco-friendly. It is then made of materials that are not polluting such as leather and plastic. The best alternatives to wear eco-friendly shoes is to opt for vegan leather made from plants such as pinatex. Our range of Will’s vegan shoes use Italian vegan leather produced from cereal crops grown in northern Europe to create a bio oil in a carbon neutral process. Perfect for ethical shoes!

On top of the material, you should also consider where the pair of shoes is made. If you import it from far, it would increase the carbon footprint of your new fashion items. Thus, buying local can be an ethical option. It also avoids any extra plastic packaging that are a nightmare if you aim to be sustainable.

Then, the term ethical refers to the way the brand treats people all along its supply chain. An ethical brand guarantees to pay its employees fairly and to offer them a safe place to work. Once again, our Will’s range is a great model. Their staff work under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law.

Fair Trade Shoes: a safe choice!

Ideally, you could look for Fair trade shoes. That label is a certification that guarantees ethical business practices. You can find the mission of the association here: “Our mission is to connect disadvantaged farmers and workers with consumers, promote fairer trading conditions and empower farmers and workers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.”

Now that we talked about the environment and people, we need to talk about the animals! Indeed, we believe that if we kill or mistreat an animal to produce a fashion accessory, it cannot be ethical.

Vegan Footwear

The shoes we feature on our ethical marketplace must be vegan footwear. It is our priority to select only the best and kindest brands. We guarantee that no leather is used to produce the shoes we sell. All leather here is vegan leather. Read more here. Our Will’s Vegan shoes, an absolute fav of the ethical marketplace got the PETA certification! To match those ethos with other accessories, we also offer you with a selection of trendy vegan belts and Eco-Friendly Bags.

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