Vegan & Eco Jewelry

At Attitude Organic, we offer you with a vast range of ethical and sustainable fashion alternatives? And we should not forget eco jewelry. Indeed, you may find here Vegan Friendly jewelry that is green and ethical.

What is Eco Jewelry?

Eco Fashion does not only refer to Clothing but to accessories equally. This is why we selected a range eco jewelry, vegan shoes and handmade bags as well.

Indeed, the jewelry industry is sometimes very dirty in the way it extracts materials. The producers often violate the rights of workers and destroy the ecosystem as we explained it in this blog post.
Eco Jewelry only uses sustainable resources, such as recycled and upcycled materials. We also make sure that the brands we handpicked for you make their pieces using ethical practices that respect the people, the animals and the planet.

What is wrong with the jewelry industry?

Unfortunately, the usual jewelry industry mostly relies on mining in order to extract the metals and stones they need. It is one of the most detrimental extractive industries in the world and uses 10% of the world’s energy. This figure is absolutely horrific.

Besides, the extraction methods are extremely polluting and cause terrible damages to waterways and to the communities living nearby. Indeed, those poor people face difficulties in growing their food because of the soil and water pollution that is caused by the jewelry industry. Their environment becomes unhealthy and they illness targets.

Moreover, the work related to the extraction is highly dangerous. We count many cases of injured workers and record some death.
It is important to remind here that, as highlighted in our post, gold receives the more press but any type of metal extraction leads to similar results and risks. For instance, the gem industry is the cause of some wars, political conflicts and social abuses such as: child labour, the perpetuation of poverty among miners, and political corruption that allows oppressive governments to stay in power.

We got your back with Eco Jewelry!

Those facts are terrible but it worth highlighting them so we now what we fight against. Now we can take measure together. If you wish to stop contributing to one of the most polluting and dangerous industry in the world, make sure you buy Eco Jewlery. You do not have to abandoned your beauty accessories all together, it is ok to love necklaces and earring but make sure you buy them from reliable sources.

We offer you here jewellery in recycled and upcycled materials. Our range is also vegan friendly and ethical. Its production caused no harm to people or the environment.

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