The Concept: an ethical & sustainable community!

Discover Our Ethical & Sustainable Community.

Form our experience, the journey towards defining your ethical and sustainable goals can be long and tumultuous. So many questions are coming up: where should I start? What should I start with, fashion or diet? Where can I learn from reliable sources? Which brands should I trust? Oh and where can I even find those brands?

Good news: we got your back! We are here to answer all those questions and support you during your transition. We are aware, it is difficult to define your own ethical goals, we will help you with that as well as with finding the knowledge you need to reach those objectives. Our blog gives you a free access to an unlimited amount of resources to know where you go and how you will get there. We also know it is hard to find the products you need. We advise you on the blog about which products you should trust. We teach you how to avoid greenwashing and offer you a range of products that will help you reach your goals. Finally, we want you to make sure that you buy what you need and only what you need or what brings value to your life. Indeed, no product is sustainable if you do not need it in the first place.

We provide you with all you need to reach your ethical & sustainable goals.

First thing first, we want to educate you about ethical and sustainable practices so you can define what suits you the best and define your own personal goals according to your lifestyle. For instance, you might prefer reducing your carbon footprint by biking or by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Not everyone is at the same stage of the sustainable transition and not everybody has the same priorities. It is normal and it is good!

Then, you need to learn all the way to reaching your goals and we are here to give you all the content you need to get there. Whether you need healthy recipes, ethical brand directories or easy tips to reduce your waste, our blog is full of content you can refer to.

That said, your transition needs to be fun and comfortable. Our point of view is that if everyone starts doing a tiny daily gesture to make this world better, it will be. You do not necessarily need a radical change now. It is ok to take your time and improve gradually your daily routine to reach your goals! Do not rush, learn step by step and we will succeed.

We share the knowledge

To become a conscious consumer and adopt a green lifestyle, you must educate yourself. Sorry to tell you this but there is no walk around. You must research, read and learn. But do not worry, we are here to help. Our blog, social media and newsletter are a great support to get all the knowledge you need. We write about all the necessary topics to transition to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. We cover the following points: natural beauty, ethical and eco-fashion, veganism, healthy food, Eco-home and conscious lifestyle.

We recommend the products

Ethical Marketplace

Once you defined what your goals are and got the knowledge on how to reach them, you might need some products to achieve your new plan. Attention please, make sure you get it right, you MIGHT need some products. By definition, if you want to be sustainable, you cannot buy your way there. You first need to question what you need and why you need it.

Our Website recommends natural, organic and vegan beauty products. We also direct you towards ethical fashion pieces from tops to vegan shoes.  Thus, we guide you in choosing the right products when you realise you need a product, you can find its natural, ethical and eco-friendly alternative in a few clicks thanks to to our SHOP page!

We repeat it, we offer great alternatives to reach your goals but first make sure you only buy the products you need or that you love so much that you are ready to take care of them for years to come.

We create a community

Ethical & Sustainable Community

Too many marketplaces are only about pushing sales and too many influencers out there are patronising. We want to create a safe place and community, where you can express your ethical and sustainable concerns without being judged for it. We want you to communicate with us all your worries and struggles. Our aim is to answer all your questions the best we can so you can make better choices.

You can reach to us as mush as you want to share whatever you need! Our Facebook page and messenger are a good support to ask questions. The same goes with twitter and Instagram.  If you want a channel more private, you can also drop us an email at . Our founder, Marine will personally get back to you!

Our values are surely in line with yours!

Whatever we do, we want to make it good for the others and for the planet. Thus, we have a list of four main values that guides us in our personal and business decisions. If you interact with us or with the rest of our community, we would also highly appreciate that you play by the same rules. Here they are:

Kindness: if you are vegan, transitioning to veganism, a zero-waste boss or simply want to stop using plastic, we all have the same goal: making our world a better place. Attitude Organic will also treat you and others with kindness and respect. No judgement and no extreme critical ideas!

Respect: it seems obvious and goes hand in hand with Kindness.

Honesty: to respect the mission of our business, we have to be 100% transparent with you as a reader and/or as a customer! We will always tell the Truth and no push sales or content to make money if we do not firmly believe it will help you reaching your health / ethical / sustainable goals.

Transparency: isn’t it just the natural result of those 3 other values? We do think so !