Vegan Watches: New Cruelty-Free Accessories

For centuries, watches have been the staple accessories that showcase someone’s social status and (of course) tell the time. Over the time, designers developed watches with various embellishments that would meet the demand of customers from various social class. This would include stainless steels, diamonds, gold and animal leather to make it look more luxurious, expensive and beautiful.

Vegan watches

Good news, our Vegan friends can wear stainless steel straps to avoid the regulars watches in animal leather. It is fair since stainless steel itself is vegan-friendly and cruelty free. Leather watches are indeed pretty to look at but isn’t it horrifying to realise that our wrist is covered with dead animal’s skin?

If you are a conscious buyer, taking consideration before purchasing something is not unusual. We don’t want to buy items that is non-ethical, harm other living entities, and non-sustainable because simply those things just don’t align with our commitment. Being a conscious vegan consumer is actually a good thing. It means that we care about the environment and we give full support to businesses that would walk an extra mile to put more effort in creating things that wouldn’t harm animals.

It used to be quite difficult for vegans to find a compassionate brand that sells cruelty-free timepieces. Thankfully, researchers found a fabric called Pinatex which is a vegan leather made from pineapple fiber. Thus, brands can avoid PVC, polyester and other synthetic chemical materials to make vegan leather watch strap. Along with this technology, new ethical brands produce gorgeous and luxurious vegan friendly watches. It is then easier for us to select the best ethical watches!

Vegan Friendly Watches Brands of Our Choice

We selected a few interesting and stylish vegan brands. They sell watches with a timeless design and of course, vegan leather strap to compliment any of your outfit. All ethical, no doubt about it. Check them out to see if it suits to your taste!

  1. Nox-Bridge

Nox Bridge Vegan friendly watch

 Nox-Bridge is a New Zealand brand that focuses on vegan watches. They believe that high quality goods can be cruelty-free. With the art of traditional horology as their main passion, they successfully created 100% vegan watches. We definitely can’t say more about how elegant their watches are (they ship worldwide too!).

  1. Hurtig Lane

Hurtig Lane Vegan watch

Hurtig Lane is a Spanish vegan watches brand that won the Best Vegan Watch Company award by PETA UK in 2017 (woo!). Their watches are 100% vegan, durable and water resistant. They also use high quality stainless steel that won’t break down the colour. Your watch will  look fabulous for a long time! We find it amazing!

  1. Evig Grön

Evig Grön Vegan watch trap

From Stockholm, Evig Grön is here to offer you great vegan watches with Swedish traditional minimalism and Artillerigatan street art. This brand is really unique and we love that! While the others use vegan leather, Evig Grön uses natural cork from Portuguese farmer to make its vegan watch straps. If you didn’t know, cork is 100% natural, cruelty-free and naturally renewable which makes it sustainable! Definitely another great alternative! Match your watch with your cork bag! 

  1. Aubry

Vegan watches Black

This UK based vegan watch brand has that modern and minimalist style. Committed to being 100% cruelty-free and sustainable criteria, Aubry uses vegan leather and glue that does not come from animal-derived ingredients. You can mix or switch vegan leather strap to stainless mesh strap according to you outfit and mood. Totally customizable, we love it!

  1. Canisberg

Canisberg Vegan watches

Canisberg is a German-based brands that sells vegan and sustainable products such as watches, glasses, and bags. Focusing on watches, Canisberg sells unisex timepieces that we love. They provide minimalist design, suitable for adventurous and professional buyers. Moreover, this brand is partnering with OneTreePlantes organization and plants trees when one article is sold. We definitely support this positive movement!

We hope you found the watch you like! If you look for other sustainable accessries, check out our favourite recycled gold jewellery.